Horizon Discovery Limited

Horizon Discovery Limited

Personalised medicine company

Horizon Discovery (Horizon) is a world-leader in translational genomics; providing the road-map and tools essential for the development and prescription of medicines, tailored to the unique genetic code of patients.

Founded in 2007 by Dr Chris Torrance and Professor Alberto Bardelli, and with headquarters in Cambridge, UK, the Company's proprietary virally-mediated gene-engineering technology, GENESIS™, enables any endogenous gene in a human cell-line to be altered quickly, reliably and without introducing unwanted and confounding genotypes and/or phenotypes.

Horizon's GENESIS® (human genome-editing) and X-MAN® (human patient surrogate) platforms have been rapidly adopted by academic, biotechnology, diagnostic, pharmaceutical and the broader life science R&D markets; and are recognised as best-in-class by researchers into personalised cancer medicines.

Horizon's business model comprises: disease model generation and licensing, drug-screening services, diagnostic reagent supply; optimisation of bio-producer cell-factories; and the building of leveraged IP & cash assets through the establishment of new ventures, grant-funded research consortia and the partnering of its own target and drug discovery programs.

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Dr. Darrin Disley

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Chief Executive Officer

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Building 7100
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